Parvo Treatment - Find Out Which Home Parvo Remedies Don't Work

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Parvo Treatment - Beating The Odds

This short report will help you bypass and hopefully navigate your way through torturous pages of home remedies that are useless time-wasters.

Folks, Parvo acts fast and time wasting is one luxury you just don't have. When your dog starts to show any Parvo symptoms, he has already been under attack for up to two weeks.

By the time you see anything out of the ordinary such as:

  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Listlessness
  • Extreme sadness
  • Loss of appetite and thirst
  • Throwing up frequently
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhea and bloody stools
  • No desire to play
  • Unresponsive when called (he can't even pick his head up)
  • Totally spent (he sleeps all day and night and only may only get up to use the bathroom)

your dog has Parvo and the best thing you can do for him is to really utilize time wisely.

Don't bother getting him tested at the vet's because in a large percentage of cases, the clinic tests come back with False-Negatives, i.e. the test comes back negative, but your dog does indeed have Parvo.

Now, if you go down this road, then the first thing your vet will do is to try to convince you that all he needs is a Parvo shot. The absolute worst thing in the world you can do is to give a dog that has been exposed or infected with Parvo a Parvo shot.

What you are doing in that case is injecting him with an army of the live Parvovirus particles to team up with the ones that have already invaded his body. He will have NO chance to fight this off due to the sheer numbers of virus particles in this scenario.

In fact, just to make this clear, Parvo is very small, which is where it gets its name from. In a single gram (that is 1 gram) of infected fluid or feces, there are 95 million virus particles, and as little as 100 particles can infect a dog.

By the way, 1 gram = 0.034999999999999996 ounces; one gram is tiny - nowhere close to the size of an ounce.

So, when you inject a dog or any other animal with live virus particles, especially these 4-1, 5-1, or even 8-1 shots, you are filling your animal with an incredible amount of virus particles, as well as toxic chemicals that are engineered to suppress his immune system, making him totally defenseless.

It is no wonder why animals and humans have so many problems, both initially and long term, when these deadly, highly-concentrated chemical cocktails are introduced, usually multiple times.

So, lesson #1, don't vaccinate your dogs, and here are some other details about vaccinations that you might not know about - see our post on What The Vet's Don't Tell You About Vaccinations.

Lesson #2, not all Parvo Home Remedies that you find on the Internet actually work. Here's a list of the most common things you'll see:

  1. Raw eggs. Do not ever give these to your pets. They contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella and campylobacter which cause food poisoning and will make your dog vomit and have bad diarrhea - exactly what you don't need during an intestinal attack.
  2. Chicken soup, chicken broth, chicken parts, etc. Same exact problem as eggs - harmful bacteria which will make matters worse for your dog. Do not give your sick Parvo dog any poultry products in any form, and that includes eggs, chicken, turkey, duck, goose, etc. regardless of the source - NO poultry products period!
  3. Beef. In general, properly cooked beef is a great treat for dogs, but not when they have Parvo. This can be too much for a digestive tract that has been compromised. They will just throw this up and that causes additional problems that can be avoided. We never recommend the so-called raw diet for dogs as this too can cause many problems. When your Parvo crisis is over, then you can visit our best dry dog food site for our recommendations for a natural chemical-free dog food that will help build your dog's immune system.
  4. Rice. Boiled rice can be very good for humans with diarrhea, but this can be too much for sick Parvo dogs. The rice will not only bind but it often causes blockages that can be deadly. It is just not worth the risk. Do not give your dog rice in any form as this could kill him. When he's recovered from the Parvo attack, then a small amount of cooked rice is OK.
  5. Pedialyte. This is a standby used when children are dehydrated. Now it may be all right for kids, but not for dogs. Remember, this product is formulated for human kids. Because of the ingredients in it, many dogs will vomit when ingesting this product, probably the sugar content may be too much for them. You will see the same effects if you try to use Gatorade. The sugar content of these two products is usually too much for sick dogs and therefore you should not try these.

Lesson #3, the Parvo Emergency Tea is very good to give sick dogs some natural hydration and to replenish their electrolytes. There are no chemicals and the sugar content is very low. In most cases dogs will start to positively respond within a few doses, i.e. they will become re-hydrated, but this formula will NOT treat the Parvo itself. The tea is only for hydration and to help with the vomiting nothing more.

Lesson #4, when you need a Parvo Treatment that you can do at home that will be 90% or more effective, then get started immediately at our Parvo Emergency Treatment site, as this is the most cost-effective solution for a complete at home Parvo Treatment Kit.

Lesson #5, time is not in your favor. You must get started quickly if your dog is to have to best possible chances for a full recovery.

If you have not done yet, grab your FREE copy of Parvo Treatment 101. You can download it to your computer in a matter of moments. It is as easy as downloading MP3 files.

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