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Parvo Treatment Options Exposed - Is It Better To Treat Your Dog At Home Or Take Him To The Vet?

Any form of Canine Parvovirus can be devastating, especially the new 2c strain (aka F-Strain), and 80% of dogs will die from it if it is left untreated.

When it strikes, you don't have much time to react at all, and yet your puppy's life depends on your ability to take swift and decisive action.

Waking up and finding your beloved pet throwing up, having severe attacks of diarrhea, not eating, and literally wasting away before your very eyes, as your once playful puppy has lost all of his energy, is guaranteed to throw you into a panic.

But this is one occasion when you need to keep a clear head, because the one thing you don't have with the Canine Parvo virus is time!

And this is one of the reasons that we are providing this FREE book - people obviously want to do what's best for their pets, but they really don't seem to realise what they're up against.

For example:

A couple in Texas recently placed an order using USPS Express Mail, which according to the USPS site is an overnight service - so far, for us, out of all the people trying this option, only 42.86% (i.e. well less than half) of all packages have been delivered on time (this is why we strongly recommend FedEx Overnight services as they are always on-time).

Anyhow, they frantically contacted us to find out if the package would be delivered the next day. By the time they placed the order, 8 out of 12 puppies had already died from Parvo and the others looked bad, and the mother dog had started digging holes to bury the dead puppies.

This travesty could have been easily avoided if they had had a home remedy for Parvo on hand to begin with.

And again:

Last Sunday, an order was placed from a woman in New Jersey - two hours after her first dog died from Parvo - using USPS Priority Mail, which in our experience works out to be two to four days' delivery time (they are on time in less than 75% of cases).

We contacted her and convinced her to upgrade to FedEx Priority Overnight, which meant the package shipped on Monday afternoon and arrived (on-time) Tuesday morning instead of Thursday or Friday if she'd used USPS Priority Mail.

If she'd ordered a Parvo home remedy kit (using FedEx Overnight) within one to two days after the first sign of trouble, she would have had an excellent chance to save her first dog too.

These are not unique cases at all - they just happen to be all-too familiar recent tragedies that could have easily been avoided.

If these people had read our FREE book on how to treat Parvo ...


they would have known what they were really up against

Canine Parvo Virus
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they would have known that time is the one thing that they don't have


they would have known what Parvo emergency treatment stop-gap measures they could have taken until their products arrived


they would known how, even though Parvo cures don't exist, they could easily have administered safe, all-natural products and assisted their dog in any way possible to help him through this life or death struggle.


Hi! Thanks for your great info on Parvo. We recently purchased a puppy to replace an older dog that we had to put down because she had bone cancer. We were devastated to know that she already had the virus when we first got her home. We felt much more forewarned after reading your booklet and found answers to questions we had which the vet didn't address. We were extremely lucky after taking her to the vet's that she got better with antibiotics and fluids quite quickly. Thanks Again,



When you download our FREE book about treatment for Parvo, you will discover:

Exactly what is Parvo, and how does it viciously strike and wreak havoc with your dog's body
What Parvo symptoms you need to look out for, and how to tell whether your puppy is dealing with just Parvo, or with Parvo and some other infection too, such as Coccidia
People are shocked when their dog is infected with Parvo and yet he had his full series of vaccinations - find out why
What Canine Parvovirus treatment options you have, and why you should consider treating your dog at home yourself
How to keep your dog hydrated correctly - over-hydration and under-hydration can both be fatal - including our unique Parvo Emergency Tea Recipe, which is the best and safest means of keeping your dog hydrated without having to spend hundreds of dollars on bags of salty water from your vet
What best to feed your puppy during the Parvo recovery phase
Why you must react quickly once you determine that your dog is suffering from Parvo
How to cope with relapses
The dog remedies you should always have on hand in your household or establishment to cope with doggie emergencies
The shocking facts about how long the Parvo virus can remain on your property, and what you can (and can't) to do clean up this virus
Our pre- and post-vaccination protocol that is designed to help minimize the risk of adverse side-effects from vaccines, including Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella
A section on Parvo and cats, including symptoms, treatment options and more
A new, safer alternative for Parvo clean-up than traditional bleach
Useful tips for all dog owners, as well as those who handle lots of dogs all of the time (e.g. animal shelters, rescues)
A list of books that will help you take even better care of your doggies
And much, much more!

You could be reading our FREE downloadable book, "Parvo Treatment 101", and learning all you need to know to prepare for and cope with a Parvo attack, in just a few minutes from now.

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You will then be taken to a page where you can download your free book to your computer straight away.

Remember, this is an electronic book that you can download to your computer - it is NOT a paperback or hardback book.

Help Us To Win The War Against Parvo!

Finally, once you have downloaded your FREE book, we strongly encourage you to help other dog owners too by telling as many othe people about this site as you can. (However, please do not forward your copy of the book to them, as we will not be able to notify them of updates when we make them, and we really don't want people using outdated advice.)

The better educated dog owners are about this vicious virus, the better prepared they will be should the worst happen and their dogs are infected with Parvo. And that will not only mean that fewer dogs die or are euthanised needlessly, it will also mean that their vet bills will be a lot lower too.


Your site really helps dogs in need. I am an avid animal lover. I met someone in the emergency room a couple weeks ago and his puppy had Parvo. They wanted $3k up front (half the fee) and he didn't have it. I told him to look up your site, and I pray he was able to help his puppy in time. Thanks for helping!



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Great information - thank you for the help with Parvo. We appreciated the free info you provided on ParvoVirus.

Hodge Podge
Hodge Podge

We are owners of a new puppy that had Parvo when we received him. We have successfully fought the virus, and he's doing really well.

Blair & Erin Marshall


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